PalmExpress Postal Bus

5 Ways of crossing the border into Switzerland

I love investigating Switzerland's borders with all their peculiarities. Here are five fun ways of crossing the border into Switzerland...
Swiss National Day Buns

10 things people (wrongly) assume about the Swiss

The Swiss have long been the most misunderstood people in Europe. According to the rumors, they are evil bankers and xenophobic backwoodsmen...
Festung Fürigen - Swiss Fort

So we peeked inside a secret military bunker in Switzerland

When I first heard about the secret fortresses hidden all over Switzerland. I was in serious doubt whether they could be legit – or legal...
Bernina Pass Lake

17 Interesting Facts about Switzerland's Lakes and Mountains

Switzerland was pretty flat a few million years ago. This was until the plates started moving and the Alps took shape. These facts about Switzerland...
Swiss National Day Quiz - Geranium Amden

How well do you know Switzerland? Take the 2nd annual Swiss quiz.

Every year, August 1 signifies the anniversary of the Federal Charter of 1291. And every year, Newly Swissed is putting together a fun Swiss quiz...
Swiss American Quiz

This Quiz is about Switzerland's Influence in the United States

On the occasion of America's Independence Day, here is a simple Swiss American quiz that covers the strong ties of Switzerland and the United States...
Horse Butcher "Pferdemetzg" in Uster

11 Quite Shocking Facts about Switzerland

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but not everything about Switzerland is rainbows and unicorns. Here are some shocking facts about Switzerland...
SapoCycle Foundation

SapoCycle - How Swiss Bubbles Save Lives (and Livelihoods)

Hotels have been advocating the responsible use of towels for years. But what about the complimentary soaps? SapoCycle is on a mission to...
Chaplin's World Vevey

14 things to know about the new Chaplin's World Museum

Chaplin’s World has been 15 years and 60 million francs in the making. It is located on a vast property near Vevey where Chaplin lived with his family...