Microlino Swiss Concept Car

Microlino is a Swiss micro car that will steal your heart

Two Swiss are on the verge of reinventing the car of the future yet again. Microlino is an egg shaped micro car that is fully powered by electricity...
Working in a Swiss Bar

13 Things I Noticed while Working in a Swiss Bar

It was a cultural crash course: I used to hustle a Swiss bar in a small mountain village in the Bernese Oberland. Not knowing some of the strange customs...
Swiss Easter Tradition

A Child-Proof Explanation of the Easter Bunny Tradition

Before heading out for the Easter egg hunt with your kids, don’t you wonder where the unusual Easter Bunny tradition comes from? A Swiss children's song...
Ursula Andress - Dr. No (1962)

12 Facts about Ursula Andress, the Swiss "Bond Girl"

For the filming of the first James Bond movie, a girl from Ostermundigen near Bern happened to be at the right place at the right time: Ursula Andress...
Fun Facts about Jura

8 Surprising Facts about the Canton of Jura

The canton of Jura has a reputation of being little known - both among tourists and Swiss residents. These fun facts about the canton of Jura should...
Swiss Watches Quiz

How well do you know Swiss watches? Take our ultimate quiz!

Time is everything in Switzerland. And one has to live here to know how much the Swiss value this aspect of life. Take the ultimate Swiss watches quiz...
Startups Zurich

Switzerland’s Startup Scene is Warming Up

From creative hubs to accelerators like Kickstart and the Digital Festival, the proof is in the pudding that Zürich is about to erupt with digital startups.
Switzerland's Youngest Undertaker Kevin Huguenin

21 Lesser Known Facts about Switzerland

The deeper you dig into the Swiss culture and everyday life, the more interesting insights you will find. Get to know some cool facts about Switzerland...
IBM Research Zurich - Think Lab

Inside the IBM Research Lab in Zürich

I had a déjà-vu of my student days in Lausanne when I entered the IBM Research campus near Zürich. This year marks sixty years of...