2 Seriously Extreme Swiss Houses

Given the high-priced real estate market in Switzerland, two examples of Swiss houses have recently caught my attention. On the one hand, we have a family who created their dream house entirely from recyclable materials. On the other hand, we have a billionaire who gave his kids a custom-made, miniature replica of an Alpine chalet.

Pretty extreme, right?

At the age of 16, Hanspeter Fuchs had found a lion shaped door handle in the trash. He had kept it ever since it as a sign that someday, he would build his own house.

Many years later, he and his wife conceived a blueprint of their dream home, based on all kinds of elements which they found to be attractive and useful in a house.

After having purchased a patch of land in the town of Trachslau, they went on a quest to find the needed building materials. The only requirement: All materials had to be used, because this was going to be the first recycled home in Switzerland.

BONUS: Listen to this insightful story by World Radio Switzerland:

Built as a Christmas present for the children of a Swiss millionaire in Gstaad, the world’s most expensive playhouse cost $230'000 and took over 2000 hours to complete! While this amount might be proportional to Swiss real estate prices, it will certainly buy the equivalent of a single-family home in the US!

Not surprisingly, this miniature chalet is loaded with luxuries you would only find in high-end home: It thing has four rooms including a large living room with a chimney illuminated by LED lights, a fully fitted kitchen, and even floor heating!

Room with a View at Hôtel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey

Before starting with construction, Russell Bowlby, head of the Flights of Fantasy playhouse building firm, went to Switzerland to study the building style and weather conditions the commissioned playhouse had to withstand. With seasonal temperatures below -20 degrees C, the house had to be thoroughly insulated and heated for the kids to play comfortably.

This is probably the smartest way for the rich to get the kids off of their back:

"Take a vacation in your playhouse, junior!"

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