Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Loetschberg Bern

How to Capture Swissness - Part 1

Google the term "Swissness" and you will find images ranging from garden gnomes to station clocks. The expression is understood the world over as it describes everything that is uniquely Swiss...
Heissi Marroni Roasted Chestnuts Zurich

My Swiss Winter Obsession: Roasted Chestnuts

With the days getting colder, Swiss towns and cities are decking the halls with Christmas lights, Glühwein booths and roasted chestnut stands...
Gallus Lamp

St. Gallen - The Irish Monk, the Bear, and the Bread

There are only so many ways to survive freezing Swiss winters. Visiting a Finnish sauna is sometimes an instant cure, but lighting my Gallus Light – a magical lamp from St. Gallen – will always do the trick!
Bern Loebegge

Bern's Loebegge - More than just a Street Corner

Every city has one: An iconic spot full of history, legends and memories. When it comes to Bern, ask any local and they will point at Loebegge (the corner of the Loeb department store)... Profile

Swiss Startup Aims to Find your Talents is the brainchild of four University of St. Gallen students. Like a boy band, they were teamed together and tasked to use Design Thinking in order to come up with an idea to a common (current) problem...

SIGG - Switzerland's Bottle

What do Airbus, Nespresso and Apple computers have in common? They all use aluminum. Looking at how this metal is so ubiquitously used today, one probably finds it hard to believe that it used to be worth more than gold...
11 Things Americans Can Learn From The Swiss

11 Things Americans Can Learn From The Swiss

Most Americans relate Switzerland to clever knives, Heidi, and secret bank vaults, but there’s a lot more the Swiss can teach us about how they achieve such a high quality of life...
Impressions from Zurich Airport ZRH

Impressions from Zürich Airport

Newly Swissed felt right at home at ZRH airport amidst the sleek design, crisp typography and occasional red elements guiding travelers along the way. A behind-the-scenes tour...
Zurich Tram Museum

Visiting the Tram Museum in Zürich

On a recent weekend in Zürich, a vintage tram caught our attention. As it turned out, the Tram Museum has its own line which picks up visitors at various spots throughout town during the last weekend of each month...