Yooji's Sushi Restaurant in Zurich

Yooji's Sushi Restaurant Hits the Mark

Yooji's is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Zürich. I stopped by the latest flagship restaurant at Zürich's Bahnhofstrasse to give you the low-down.
25 Social Media Posts that went Viral in 2013

25 Social Media Posts that went Viral in 2013

As the year draws to a close, we are traveling down our "Social Media Memory Lane"...
Bolivia - Salar de Uyuni Swiss Flag

Discovering Little Switzerland in South America

Throughout the year-long adventure, looking out for that iconic red flag with the white cross was a way of staying connected to home...
VEG and the City

VEG and the City - Urban Vegetable Gardening in Zürich

What if you could turn your balcony into a garden? VEG and the City is a Zürich based shop that also offers classes for urban gardeners...
Slow Food Switzerland

Finding Slow Food in Switzerland

Life in Switzerland may not feel like a life in the fast lane. But like most of the modern world, many here are craving for a simple and slower lifestyle...
Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland

Our ultimate guide to understanding Swiss winter weather

What does the weather have in store for Switzerland this winter? Before we know it, we might get hit by a blizzard and still end up with no white Xmas...
Marc Forster - ZFF 2013

6 Things you (Probably) Didn't Know about Marc Forster

Marc Forster is undeniably way up there when it comes to successful directors in Hollywood. For many Swiss, Forster is the Roger Federer of movies...
Living in Zurich (Copyright by Gsell Photography)

Living in Zurich

Moving to a new city can be daunting, and integration is not always easy. This is especially true for women...
Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland

5 Soul Soothing Alpine Hotels in Switzerland

We live in the kind of place that as a child you would dream about as you gleefully shook your snow globe. Alpine hotels in Switzerland complete the...