ZKB Cable Car 2020

Will Zürich be getting a cable car across the lake?

Ankara has one. Rio de Janeiro has one. And La Paz in Bolivia has one. Urban cable cars are a popular solution to solving traffic congestion, and Zürich...
Circolo Sociale Montagnola

5 typical "grotto" restaurants not to miss in Ticino

Summer bliss in Ticino involves food, and the best food can be found in a typical grotto. Here are my favorite Ticino style restaurants...
Swiss Passport

This Swiss citizenship interview is questionable, no? (Editorial)

Recently, the case of a 25 year old has surfaced in the media. Despite having spent her entire life in Switzerland, having attended the Swiss...
Räuber Hotzenplotz Vinyl Record

So I've rediscovered some vinyl records from my childhood

There was a time when audio was served on a black, vinyl platter. No shiny compact discs or iDevices... I rediscovered these children's stories on vinyl...
Route du Bonheur Hike - Gemmi Pass

We hiked the Route du Bonheur, and here's why you should, too!

Imagine nature's best hiking trails, outstanding views and spas sourced with healing waters. That's what the Route du Bonheur offers to anyone...
Things you will never hear a Swiss person say

17 things you’ll never hear a Swiss person say

"Let's talk about my salary." Not! We would almost bet money that you will never hear a Swiss person utter this sentence - or the following 16 phrases...
Bern Tram

A guide to Switzerland's most scenic tram and bus rides

What is the best way to see a city? On foot, by bicycle, on a tour or aboard a sightseeing bus? We think that public transportation offers the best sightseeing.
Swiss National Jodlerfest 2017

We heard a lot of yodeling at the Swiss National Jodlerfest

The European Song Contest takes place every year, the Olympics and the World Cup every four years. But for some reason, the Swiss like to celebrate events every three...
Climeworks Swiss Start-up

Climeworks miraculously sucks harmful CO2 from the air

For many, Climeworks came out of thin air. Suddenly, two Swiss engineers were all over the airwaves, talking about sucking carbon dioxide...