Climeworks Swiss Start-up

Climeworks miraculously sucks harmful CO2 from the air

For many, Climeworks came out of thin air. Suddenly, two Swiss engineers were all over the airwaves, talking about sucking carbon dioxide...
Circus Knie - Swiss National Circus

A glimpse behind the scenes of the Swiss National Circus Knie

Switzerland may not have a royal family, but it has the Knie family: The country's most famous artist family and the owners of the largest Swiss circus...
Rütlischiessen - Jakob Christen

8 unique traditions you'll not find outside of Switzerland

While the Swiss are proud of their export wonders, some might argue that they prefer keeping the best traditions to themselves. Here are eight unique...

25 unmistakable signs that you grew up in Ticino

Once you've visited Ticino, your life will never be the same again. But if you insist that your nonna cooks the best risotto...

44 Minutes with James Breiding, author of “Swiss Made”

If you want to know the secret behind Switzerland’s success, you might just find it in a book entitled "Swiss Made." Author James Breiding highlights...
Chaplins World World Record 2017

Who knew Switzerland had 662 Charlie Chaplin lookalikes?

To celebrate their first anniversary, one of Switzerland's most popular museums pulled off quite an amazing stunt. The Chaplin's World Museum...
Swiss Watch Quiz 2017

How much do you know about Swiss watches? Take our new quiz.

The year 2017 marked the centenary of Baselworld, the world's largest watchmaking exhibition. Every year, watch and jewelry enthusiasts, flock to Basel...

17 more or less random facts about Switzerland

How can a country without an official capital function? Is it thanks to all those Nobel Prize winners among us? Here are 17 facts...
Lavaux Vineyards UNESCO World Heritage

15 Reasons to drop everything and go to Switzerland

Switzerland has so much to offer beyond cheese and chocolate. Not that you would need 14 reasons to drop everything and go to Switzerland...