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Switzerland Loves Facebook

As of November 2010, there are 2.4 million active Facebook users in Switzerland. This number sounds small compared to the 500 million users worldwide, but it is quite significant in terms of the size of Switzerland...

8 Famous Quotes about Switzerland

If famous and publicly available quotes about Switzerland is what you were looking for, look no further! Jerry Seinfeld once made fun of the Swiss army...

Inventions You Didn't Know Are Swiss: The Zipper

Apart from cellophane, the invention of the zipper is a nice…

How Switzerland Googled in 2010

The Swiss have googled “Facebook” more than any other word…

10 Clever Swiss Commercials

1. Switzerland Tourism - "We do whatever it takes!" Dare we…
Geneva Ice Blizzard (2005)

11 Chilling Examples of Snow and Ice in Switzerland

When you hear "Switzerland", one of the first images that probably comes to mind is that of snow covered mountains. These pictures of snow and ice are...

CERN Creates Artificial Big Bang (and Discovers God Particle)

  You are witnessing a historical moment in beautiful…

Swiss Daredevil Likes to Fly Outside the Box!

What sounds like the name of an action figure kind of is: Jet…
Swiss Guards Vatican

Who are the Pontificial Swiss Guards who protect the Pope?

The Swiss guards are the Vatican's official military in charge of security. Anyone who has ever watched "Angels & Demons" recognizes the Pope's guards...