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St. Moritz Is Where the Lambos Flow Like Wine

The other day when I was passed by a Ferrari and two Lamborghinis…
You know you're Swiss if

You Know You’re Swiss If… (Part 2)

We thought it would be a good time to reflect on our first year back in Switzerland. Here are signs that you know you're Swiss...

Most Popular Swiss Baby Names in 2009

According to the Swiss Statistical Institute via HappyTimes,…

5 Swiss Zero-Emission Vehicles from the Future

Memories from my childhood in Switzerland include the attention-grabbing, original TWIKE electric car. Always having been fascinated by the concept of plug-in cars, here is your opportunity to have a peek at the latest models which might be whizzing by you in the near future...

Is Bike Polo the New Black?

What sounds like just another sport for the elites has actually…

Breaking News: Obama has Swiss Roots!

As a reader of Newly Swissed, you are among the first to find…
Swiss Goat Cheese For Sale

20 brand new surprising facts about Switzerland

I spent my entire childhood and teenage years in Switzerland, and I thought that I knew this place pretty well. Some surprising facts about Switzerland...

Roger Federer replaces Clooney at Nescafé

According to a statement from his agency obtained by Newly Swissed, George…

Google Playground in Zurich

Yesterday was one of the best TGIF's in a long time, because I had the unique chance to tour what I like to call "Google Playground"...