There area unit several fabulous places in Switzerland wherever one will realize a good vary of design from the medieval to the trendy amount. The heritage churches and cathedrals, previous brilliant monuments, forts and castles, steel and grass construction, all close to justifying the distinctive fashionable cities. If you are interested in the most read articles about Switzerland, please visit our archive with dozens of featured blog posts.

Tales from the Armoire - Neuchatel

Tales from the Armoire - A Multi-Part Series on Finding Identity through Family History (Part 2)

Thunder boomed and lightning flashed. Shadows danced across suits of armor standing sentry in the darkness. I looked at my wife with a quizzical look as another thunderclap shook the room...
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

2012: Let's Start Running!

So here we are in 2012, and you did it: You’ve made a New Year’s resolution to be more active and start running. Like so many things in Switzerland, it was not the Swiss who invented running, but they do it very well...
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

Boring Becomes Beautiful - Photography by Becher

If you associate art photography with glamour and beauty, then you might be surprised by the work of German Fotomeisters, Bernd and Hilla Becher, which is being celebrated in a new exhibition at the Fotomuseum in Winterthur...
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

Waldspielgruppe - Where Swiss Kids Learn Survival Skills

Today, the Curly Girlie went off for the first time to Waldspielgruppe. Rather like England has the Brownies, America has Camp, and Switzerland has the forest playgroup...
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

Fiona, the Savage Cow

The image we have of cows is of sweet beasts calmly munching grass all day long as they cling to the sides of the Swiss Alps or lay about on green meadows. But the more observant among you know that many cows in Switzerland don’t have horns, which makes them look less threatening...
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

Innovative CARSCANS Collages by Christian Grund

I cannot get my eyes off of these innovative masterpieces from Christian Grund’s CARSCANS project! Inspired by David Hockney’s picture collages and recent cataloging trends such as Google Earth, his objects are comprised of individual scans.
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

An Earth-Friendly Swiss Hobbit Home

Recently, I was driving through the countryside near Zürich…
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

A Swiss Beauty Pageant of a Different Kind - Miss Beatenberg 2011

The beautiful autumn sunshine broke through the clouds, revealing a clear blue sky above and perfect conditions below. It was the day of the Miss Beatenberg contest. This is no ordinary pageant, as the winner does not give a speech, win a world trip or pose for toothpaste commercials. In fact, it is doubtful if Miss Beatenberg even realizes she has competed...
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

A One Night Stand Without the Guilt - Zürich Supper Club

Anyone who has ever been new to a city knows what it is like to try and make new friends. Supper clubs are not a new idea, but they are still new to Zurich and it took a passionate American to make it happen...