There area unit several fabulous places in Switzerland wherever one will realize a good vary of design from the medieval to the trendy amount. The heritage churches and cathedrals, previous brilliant monuments, forts and castles, steel and grass construction, all close to justifying the distinctive fashionable cities. If you are interested in the most read articles about Switzerland, please visit our archive with dozens of featured blog posts.

Happy Birthday, Switzerland!

Although the Swiss Confederation was founded more than 700 years ago, the Swiss National Day has only been around for about the last century. It commemorates an event back in 1291, when the three original states Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden took an oath of confederation on the famed Rütli meadow.

Shopping in Zürich: My 3 Very Favorite Shops in Kreis 5

In Zürich, there is somewhat of a "before" and "after" as your…

10 Steps to Settling in Switzerland: Legalizing Yourself (#4)

As a foreign national, you must register with the residents' registration office of the commune where you will be living within 14 days of arrival. If your new home is in a town, you will want to visit your "Gemeinde". Most cities, on the other hand, have a "Personenmeldeamt" desk at each neighborhood's "Kreisbüro".

Soon No More "Death by PowerPoint" in Switzerland?

Interestingly, the APPP states that "the use of presentation software costs the Swiss economy 2.1 billion Swiss francs (US$ 2.5 billion) annually." Their noble mission is not to abolish PowerPoint presentations from the face of Earth, but to remove any constraints associated with them. In other words, students who are not using PowerPoint...

Switzerland’s Rich and Famous: Sports Edition

Money, high status and a life in the spotlight. Being a famous,…
Swiss German Proverbs - Foifer und Weggli

Swiss German Proverbs - You Cannot Have your Cake and Eat It Too

In English speaking countries, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. In others like France, you cannot have butter and the money for butter at the same time. But in Switzerland, every child knows that you cannot have...

Kleine Scheidegg by Tata Vislevskaya

With hiking season just around the corner, Russian photographer Tata Vislevskaya deserves some serious credit. Because her unique perspective and obvious love of nature...

Does Switzerland Trust Pilots or Politicians?

These days, it sure pays to have a life-saving job in Switzerland! At least this is what the annual Reader’s Digest survey of some 33'000 Europeans in 16 countries has just revealed...

10 Steps to Settling in Switzerland: Opening a Swiss Bank Account (#3)

Opening a Swiss bank account is not as fancy as it looks in the movies. However, there are a few things to be aware of in order to make the process as smooth as possible. The last thing you would want is to get into a Jason Bourne-esque situation, right?