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Kompot Delivers Fresh Meals to Zürich

Kompot Food DeliveryWith all the technology in the world, we would think that we should be working less and playing more than ever!

Finding time to cook should not be a problem. Alas, those wishing to advance their careers and set themselves up for later in life are finding that they are working more hours today than ever before. Zürich attracts many of the young and ambitious seeking to make a name for themselves in the corporate world of finance, insurance, IT services and marketing.

It is also the perfect place for young entrepreneurs with visions of improving existing systems and services as well as meeting the new demands put on society as it continues to develop. Welcome Kompot - homemade food delivered to your door!

Food Shock

Moving with her husband back to his home city of Zürich, Paulina Zürcher was shocked to see how the young industrious folks in their tailored suits are feeding themselves with unhealthy convenience foods that are sure to leave them stranded on their track to success.

"Whatever happened to the home cooked meal?", she wondered. "Do they even know what they are eating? And what those E-numbers stand for?"

Kompot Food Delivery

Cooking like Mom

At her house, she was determined to cook from scratch just like mom used to do. Switzerland is full of great produce and local foods that make the perfect ingredients for cooking wonderful meals. It did not take long for her husband's single male friends to discover this, either. "Paulina's cooking started to attract my friends like flies," Gregory recounts. "They would start to invite themselves for dinner." And that is where Paulina got the idea to start a meal delivery service.

Kompot Food Delivery

A Simple Concept

The concept is simple: Use fresh, local products and prepare the meals by hand without preservatives or anything artificial. Paulina and Gregory source their products from local food suppliers as well as farmers in and around Stäfa on Lake Zurich.

Kompot Food DeliveryAs a result, their carbon footprint is markedly lower compared to imported produce from countries like Chile and even Spain. Paulina, with Gregory being her chopper, slicer and dicer preparing ingredients, does all the cooking. In this way, Paulina ensures the highest quality of her food. This also means that Paulina purposely limits herself to fifty meals a week.

Small Production

At fifty meals a week, you might wonder how this business can survive and grow, but Paulina and Gregory work with the (now established) Zürich restaurant Simply Soup, whose facilities they can use on Saturdays. Through their website, you can also order soups, compote (fruit sauces) and crispy cookies.

Paulina pays special attention to the health factor in everything she cooks and uses as little sugar and fat as possible. When fat is needed she uses olive oil, for sugar she likes to rely on the natural sugars already available in the ingredients. The advantage is that the meals taste great, but if you want you can make them sweeter yourself or add things like butter and spice to your own taste and individualize the meal.

Kompot Food Delivery - Simply Soup

For Young and Busy People

Kompot by Homemade & Delivered is truly a wonderful idea that will establish itself in the Zürich area - especially among busy individuals running around with little time to cook. It is also another example of the "return to local" movement that is taking place in Switzerland and many other places around the world.


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