Legally hiring an apartment cleaner with ipaster (Sponsored Post)

ipaster Swiss Cleaning Service

Fair wages and insurance coverage are not always a given in the cleaning industry.

Often, cleaning aids are hired “under the hand”, as the Swiss German expression describes illegal hiring practices. This means that there is no official work contract protecting the employee – and no social security contributions or unemployment coverage.


Meet ipaster

Larkling Cerkezi felt appalled by the fact that every year, nearly 40 billion francs worth of labor goes unreported in Switzerland. Much of that labor is in the cleaning industry, so Cerkezi decided to make things right.

ipaster Cleaning - Larklind Cerkezi

With just three employees in the back office, his company ipaster now manages a network of dozens of cleaning professionals across Switzerland. What sets this startup apart from other facility cleaners is their personal relationship with each contractor. It is a family feel which trickles down to even the relationship we have with our cleaner.

Cerkezi is a young entrepreneur who has already founded two companies at age 24. When asked about his philosophy, he emphasizes that “the fair treatment of my employees results in increased motivation and better attention to detail.”

Those are wise words that many a larger corporation should internalize.

ipaster Swiss Cleaning Service

When translated to the job at hand, these soft factors become ever more important: It takes some dedication (and skill) to dust those hard to reach spots, brush the calcium off the faucets or keeping those windows sparkling clean.

As for Newly Swissed, there are no legal things we need to worry about. We receive a monthly invoice detailing the work that has been performed, and we have peace of mind knowing that our cleaner is compensated fairly.

We have met our cleaner on several occasions and are connected through WhatsApp – in case there is something important they need to know the day of the cleaning. Otherwise, our cat is the only one “in touch” on a regular basis…

ipaster Swiss Cleaning Service

How to get started

ipaster appealed to us because of its easy to use website and hassle free service delivery. For busy professionals like us, it is a huge benefit to know that office and apartment cleaning are taken care of.

There are only four steps to get started: Based on your apartment size, pick an appropriate amount of time for each regular cleaning session. The next question pertains to the frequency: Are you looking for someone to take some flat cleaning off your shoulders every other week, or are you in for a weekly apartment cleaner? And do you need help with laundry, ironing, or window cleaning?

Once these parameters have been set, you are ready to make your initial appointment. For now, the ipaster strongholds are Zürich and eastern Switzerland, but Basel has recently been added as well.

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ipaster Swiss Cleaning Service