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Red Bull in Switzerland (Sponsored Video)


Every morning, I can observe dozens of Swiss students on their way to class, and their entire breakfast seems to consist of a can of Red Bull! Now that even one of the most popular grocery chains has developed a knock-off energy drink, the local footprint of this Austrian soft drink remains unchallenged.

You might be surprised to learn about Red Bull's different sponsorship activities in Switzerland:

Alpenbrevet Töffli Event

Crossing the majestic Swiss Alps on a scooter takes some guts. For the third year in a row, Red Bull has supported an adventurous biker gang as part of the Alpenbrevet. No less than 770 Töffli enthusiasts were attracted by this event in 2012, crossing three mountain passes on their charming motorcycles.

Sauber-Petronas(Picture copyright by Sutton)

Sauber Petronas Sponsorship

For many Swiss, Red Bull's brand is synonymous with the Sauber formula 1 team, the only Swiss racing team in that league. From 1995 to 2005, Red Bull bought a majority of shares in the holding company that owner the Sauber Petronas team, so Red bull was dominating these fine race cars from Hinwil, Switzerland.


Wingsuit Flying

Switzerland's verticals are a playground for base jumpers and wingsuit flyers. Soaring at speeds ohtf ut to 160 km per hour, these extreme athletes will jump from cliffs and sail down the sides of mountains, just meters away from the rock face. Red Bull is a frequent sponsor of wingsuit flying and has attracted some criticism lately due to the risky nature of this sport.


Swiss Resident and Spaceman Felix Baumgartner

An Austrian citizen, Baumgartner has settled down in Arbon, Switzerland, after his daredevil space jump. Now that the meaning of the expression "the sky is the limit" has forever changed, this poster child for Red Bull energy drinks has announced the end of his adventurous career...

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