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Let's face it: People are creatures of habit. So when it comes to booking hotels for ski vacations, many of us will stick to tried and true digs which have worked out in the past. Or we rely on recommendations from friends and family. But what if you have only recently moved to Europe, or what if you have been unlucky in finding that perfect hotel?

I can tell from my own experience that looking for a hotel online can be a never-ending endeavour. The sheer number of hotel review websites makes us believe that we have full transparency and are able to make informed decisions on our own. However, the hidden truth is that many online reviews are actually fake. They are often paid for and biased towards the property. Therefore, the booking process has become more complex, and finding a good hotel for skiing is really very difficult.

Introducing Snotels

I was very happy to learn about a new start-up with a catchy name: Snotels (= snow + hotels). The name for this booking site is spot on as it features a collection of unique Alpine hotels suitable for ski vacations.

Each hotel has been hand-picked and put through rigorous quality testing: Is the location close enough to a ski lift? Does it offer a local touch? Is the customer service "top notch"?

"Our Swiss member hotels offer expats the ability to instantly book a flexible, short or long stay - including weekend alpine breaks. Most importantly, every Snotels achieves quality standards and guests enjoy free WiFi, real local hospitality and optional extras. It's a simple and safe way to book and experience great slopeside and ski village hotels," says Michael Metcalfe, CEO of Snotels.

A classy weekend at Hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo in Lugano

Alpine Locations

The list of ski resorts covered by Snotels sounds like a “Who’s who” of Switzerland: Grindelwald, Lenk, Mürren, Saas Fee and Verbier. While you may already have your preference among these resorts, why not try a new "Snotel"?

Apart from 7 member hotels in Switzerland, Snotels is also active in three other European countries: Austria, France and Norway. While Snotels does not entirely solve the issue for the entire hotel booking industry, it is a "best in class" example of what I believe to be the future of hotel booking websites.

Snotels does a great job covering their niche market of European mountain hotels. I am hoping that other start-ups or industry groups are going to see the merits of marketing quality and turn this into a trend...

Are you a skier, boarder or simply a mountain lover? And what’s your favorite resort?

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4 replies
  1. Martin
    Martin says:

    > However, the hidden truth is that many online reviews are actually fake. They are often paid for and biased towards the property.

    And what benefits did yuo get for this advertisement?!

    • Dimitri
      Dimitri says:

      Hi Martin: Thank you for your comment. I understand your criticism, but I simply thought that Snotels was a cool idea when I was sent their press release. I am in no way advocating and particular hotels (or the website, for that matter), but I like their approach and might use it at one point in the future…

  2. Coolgardie Accomodation
    Coolgardie Accomodation says:

    People are making over 40% of their hotel reservations online and up to 85% in some cases when an online special rate is offered. Gone are the days of customers calling, sending various emails and looking for an answer from a small business owner.


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