44 Minutes with OneTruth (The streets are their gallery.)

OneTruth are among the most famous graffiti artists in Switzerland. Experimental and innovative, this collective is comprised of two brothers...
Pipilotti Rist Exhibit Kunsthaus Zürich

Inside the Pipilotti Rist Exhibit at the Kunsthaus Zürich

Pipilotti Rist is a Swiss video installation guru, and her latest works are now on display in Zürich. A word of caution: Some things cannot be un-seen...
Basel - Rhine at Night

Ingredients for a Cultural Weekend in Basel

When it comes to culture and museums, Basel tops them all. So, I invited my significant other for a cultural weekend in Basel...
Freitag ad absurdum - Peter Hauser

The Absurd Recycling Project by the Freitag Brothers

The Freitag and Riklin brothers approached people on the streets to collect used Freitag bags for their new exhibition in Lausanne: Freitag ad absurdum...
Black Sun - Damien Hirst

Alchemy at Fondation Beyeler – From Sceptic to Enthusiast

It came as a huge surprise how absorbed I was during my visit to the latest Fondation Beyeler exhibit. An art exhibition is normally the last thing...