Basel - Basler Fasnacht 2013 - Copyright by Bill Harby

A Primer for the Basler Fasnacht Carnival

Carnivals mean floats, parades, costumes, and parties. It’s a time to be a little wild and go a little crazy before lent starts. Unless you are in Basel...
Top 5 Romantic Hotspots in Switzerland

Top 5 romantic hotspots in Switzerland

While February 14 is mostly associated with love, it can also be a source of anxiety for European men who are traditionally expected to “dazzle and entertain” the woman in their life...
Swiss Baking - Basler Fastenwaehe Recipe

Baking Recipe: Basler Fastenwähe

By merely looking at it, you could call Fastenwähe a pretzel of sorts. But once you have tried this delicious and slightly chewy flatbread...
The VitraHaus design showroom in Weil am Rhein, Germany

What to expect from the VitraHaus showroom near Basel

Although outside of Switzerland, the VitraHaus deserves a mention on Newly Swissed! This IKEA style showroom for rich people and design lovers is located...
Basel, bERN, Lucerne: One-Day Trips from Zurich

Basel, Bern and Lucerne: the one-day TRIPlets from Zürich

There are an infinite number of natural, historical or amusing places close to Zürich. Here are three cities that can easily be visited in a day.