Annecy Venetian Carnival

Unmissable March Events in (and Around) Geneva

The month of March in Geneva marks not only the gentle awakening of nature leading into spring, but also the opening of some unmissable events that decidedly bring the city of international diplomacy out of its winter lull.
Harderpotschete Interlaken Switzerland

Harder Potschete is a New Year's tradition from Interlaken

The ghosts of the past are alive and well in Interlaken. For over 50 years, the town has been celebrating the Harder Potscheten – a New Year’s festival...
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Six bizarre Swiss events you've never heard of

After our initial rundown of the most bizarre Swiss events, here is an update of all the whacky stuff the Swiss have to offer! From "A" as in...
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Happy Birthday, Switzerland!

Although the Swiss Confederation was founded more than 700 years ago, the Swiss National Day has only been around for about the last century. It commemorates an event back in 1291, when the three original states Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden took an oath of confederation on the famed Rütli meadow.
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Pop-up Dance Performance in Zürich

The MIGROS store at Limmatplatz seemed normal, with shoppers buzzing around to get their errands done before the closing at 5 PM. But then, out of nowhere, what appeared to be regular customers got into formation to perform a dance routine...