Spontaneous trips with bbacksoon

This Swiss travel site surprised us with a spontaneous trip

If there is a more typically Swiss tag line than "We plan your spontaneity," I have yet to hear it. This is the pitch of bbacksoon, a Swiss travel site...
Romansh - RhB Train

The seven flavors of the Romansh language

Graubünden happens to be the only officially sanctioned, trilingual state in which the Romansh language holds the official status. You would think that...
Xrot 9213 Rhätische Bahn

Switzerland's Spectacular Xrot Snow Plough Train

When the red coaches of the Rhaetian Railway snake across dozens of viaducts in the majestic Grison Alps, the heart of any train lover will skip a beat...
Unique Swiss Road - Furka Pass

Top 6 Most Unique Roads in Switzerland

Did you know that our country has some very unique roads? Driving in Switzerland can be a workout for both the car and the driver...
Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland

5 Soul Soothing Alpine Hotels in Switzerland

We live in the kind of place that as a child you would dream about as you gleefully shook your snow globe. Alpine hotels in Switzerland complete the...
Hotel Schweizerhof Lenzerheide

Hotel Schweizerhof Lenzerheide: Where Design Meets Tradition

Hotel Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide does not advertise its street address much. This turned out to be a telling sign of the rich tradition of this hotel...
Graubunden 2022

Graubünden 2022: Olympic Dream or Nightmare?

Higher, faster, stronger. Those three words are the theme of the Olympic Games. Every two years, the countries do their best to come together and cheer on the world's best athletes. Yet for an institution that tries so desperately to unify the world, it does an amazing job of splitting apart communities.
Liricas Analas

Demystifying Romansh, Switzerland's fourth language

In Switzerland’s mountainous East, roughly 62’000 people speak Romansh. By comparison, this segment equals only 0.9 percent of the Swiss population...