Swiss Souvenirs

How to Save up to 8 Percent on Souvenirs

With currency exchange rates the way they are, who doesn't want to save a few Francs these days? It is especially painful for tourist to load up on expensive Swiss souvenirs, so we put together a guide to help you save up to 8 percent of your purchase! Unlike other countries, sticker prices in Switzerland already include...
Zurich Farmers Markets

Zürich's Farmers Markets Have You Covered

Use our newly compiled guide to find out the specialty of each farmers market, as well as when and where to get your veggie kick in the vicinity of Zürich!
What it's like to go grocery shopping in Switzerland

Shopping in Zürich: My 3 Very Favorite Shops in Kreis 5

In Zürich, there is somewhat of a "before" and "after" as your…
What it's like to go grocery shopping in Switzerland

Great Deals in Switzerland? YES, PLEASE!

There is a parallel world of offers, discounts and very affordable items for you to discover in Switzerland! Join the exclusive bunch who know where to discover the best bargains, steals and the I-can't-believe-it-was-so-cheap offers...
Discovering Zurich West - Im Viadukt

Discovering Zürich West (One Designer Shop at a Time)

This past weekend, we finally decided to leave the familiar parts of Zürich and instead set foot in Zürich West. This previously industrial part...
What it's like to go grocery shopping in Switzerland

A primer on grocery shopping in Switzerland

There are few differences between grocery stores in Switzerland and elsewhere, except that they tend to be much smaller in size. Shopping in Switzerland...