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About Us

Newly Swissed is the online magazine about Switzerland, founded in 2010. We are experts at making brands
and stories come alive.
We cover the latest trends in Swiss culture, design, oddities and tourism, as well as tips on
how to settle in Switzerland.




Owns the strategic vision and loves discovering new trends.

Passionate about architecture, design, gadgets, marketing, photography, social media and the outdoors.


Business Development Manager

Is responsible for taking this platform to the next level.

Wants to help out other expats and people new to Switzerland by offering valuable information about career and life topics.


Community Manager

Language teacher in Zurich with an expressed aim of helping expats adapt to life in Switzerland, linguistically and culturally.

Passionate about language, food, wine, literature, running and the mountains.



A published author who loves sharing ways to wellness through yoga, lifestyle writing, wellness counseling, and Reiki healing.



Elena is a Geneva area writer and blogger who celebrates Swiss culture and creativity in art, décor, design, food, fashion, film and festivals.

She has a soft spot for arts and crafts, small business, and the irrepressible beauty of the Swiss landscape.



Isabelle is a Swiss copywriting intern by day and a advertising student by night.

She suffers from chronic Wanderlust and loves coffee.



An Indian citizen married to a Swiss, Indira is a published journalist based in Bern. She is very enthusiastic about Switzerland’s culture and traditions.



Originally from Maine, James came to Switzerland after high school and has been in German-speaking Europe for a majority of his life – due in large part to the girl he met here… He is interested in pop-culture, history and cooking, and would love to eventually teach in Swiss schools.



Katy is a 24 year old UK expat with a passion for farming. She lives in the picturesque Bernese Oberland where she keeps her poultry, grows vegetables and writes on smallholding subjects.



Khia is a graduate of English and Film, and she regularly visits Switzerland whenever she gets the chance. Love brings her to St Gallen, of all places!

She is frequently mocked for her obsession with Cervelats and Schüblig…



Kristy is language manager at Supertext Ltd, the online agency for copywriting and translation. Her mission is to free the world of bad English and Japanese translations.



A passionate globetrotter who likes to return to Switzerland after her adventures abroad. Melanie loves diving and the outdoors and is a typical Gemini: Communicative, sociable and multi-faced (which explains her favorite animal, the chameleon!).



Despite his background in economics, Mohan makes a living out of his hobby: Movies, movies and even more movies!

As chief film critic at the Swiss newspaper “20 Minuten”, Mohan always enjoys the latest releases. Read about Mohan’s opinion on Twitter: @cine_mani



Rio is a passionate traveler and photographer who works for a large tech company in Zürich. He was born in Switzerland and speaks French, English and Portuguese.



Loves traveling, foreign cultures and languages, and takes pictures almost compulsively of any new experiences or places.

Is always willing to share impressions, opinions or ideas with the people she meets.



Would never give up fishing, photography and traveling. Also, cycling is a way of life (how very Dutch). Wants to help foreigners and “new Swiss” find their way around Switzerland.



Quintessential Canadian, born on Vancouver Island and grew up on the world famous Slopes of Vancouver’s North Shore.

Love plucked him from his cushy mountain biker’s nest and has landed him in the crazy 9 to 5 world of Switzerland.

Hits the Swiss Alps with his mountain bike in his free time and lives to write about it.



Freelance writer and expat blogger based in Geneva, always on the lookout for family-friendly activities because she craves fun and enjoyment.

Her heart belongs to art, design, food and travel and is wrapped around the sticky little fingers of three tiny munchkins.

Friend: opera mini,google map,tai zing mp3,tai zalo,