Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

Inside the new Paul Klee exhibit at Fondation Beyeler

Fondation Beyeler is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a bang. Thanks to the artworks of Paul Klee, we were transported through a life of color...
Angelo Boog - Liechtenstein Stamps

7 contemporary Swiss illustrators you need to know

With a legacy of poster design and surreal art, Switzerland is more creative than its organized image would betray. In the last century...

Khurum Khan took his drone to Switzerland, and here's the result

When I first encountered Khurum Khan's photographs from Switzerland, I knew there was something special about the man who pressed that shutter...

9 contemporary Swiss graphic designers you need to know

Switzerland's rich design culture stretches back through the 20th century. Following in these footsteps comes a new crop of young Swiss...
Nico Schaerer - Matterhorn

44 Minutes with Swiss Photographer Nico Schaerer

Nico Schaerer is a Zürich based photographer who has traveled the world. He has defined a unique approach to the beautiful art of photography...
Tina Sturzenegger - Cotton Candy

Inside photo17, Switzerland's largest photography exhibit

What happens when you ask 150 photographers in Switzerland to show their favorite works of the past year? Something like photo17 is what happens...
Tour of Switzerland - Vintage Posters

A Tour of Switzerland in Vintage Tourism Posters

From snow-drenched slopes to glistening lakes and bustling cities, Switzerland is packed with opportunities for tourists. These vintage posters...

“All we ask” is a video project where ballet dancers speak up

The Switzerland based ballet dancers Myrna Kamara and Gabriel Stoyanov have just launched a fascinating video project: "All we ask". Their aim is to...

44 Minutes with OneTruth (The streets are their gallery.)

OneTruth are among the most famous graffiti artists in Switzerland. Experimental and innovative, this collective is comprised of two brothers...