The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

The Butcher and his Daughter Restaurant in Zürich

Imagine a restaurant where meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans can all share a meal. Step into The Butcher and his Daughter in Zürich...
Flims Water Trail Hike

Copy/paste the Flims Water Trail into your bucket list!

There's hardly a place in Switzerland that showcases nature's elements better than Flims-Laax. The Flims Water Trail is a "must do" hike...
Beau-Rivage Hotel Geneva

Why our getaway to the Beau-Rivage Geneva is 100% memorable

On invitation by the Beau-Rivage Geneva and Geneva Tourism, we're about to be soaked by a refreshing wave of history, culture, food and wine…
Windsurfing Class on Lake Silvaplana - Silvaplana Windsurfcenter

We wiped out on Lake Silvaplana, the alpine windsurfing capital

Learning to windsurf is one thing. But learning to windsurf at nearly 1800 meters above sea facing the strong Maloja winds is something else...
Cheese Fondue Vending Machine in SwitzerlandKristine Strazdina

15 more photographs that scream “Only in Switzerland!”

From fondue vending machines to flag tossing competitions, some things exist only in Switzerland. Here are some of the best photographs...
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy - Zebras

Why Zoo Zürich and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy are friends

The Lewa Savanne at Zoo Zürich has a real life match in Kenya. We've visited the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to learn about this fruitful partnership.
OGNA in Trun, SwitzerlandDominik Gehl

Definitive Grisons architecture between Valendas and Sumvitg

During one memorable summer weekend, I went upstream along the River Rhine to discover some remarkable Grisons architecture...
Hiking from Brigels to Val Frisal

The La Val Hotel & Spa is ideal for hikers (and foodies)

We've recently packed our bags to discover Brigels and hike to the Val Frisal valley. Read about our experience at La Val Hotel & Spa...
Reasons to Visit Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein: 8 exciting reasons to go "abroad” (Sponsored)

Switzerland may be tiny, but Liechtenstein is tinier! Yet it has lots in store for families, outdoor types and animal lovers. Take the eagle hike...