Carona Immagina 2019

Carona Immagina is a top art event in a tiny Swiss village

Of all the cultural events I went to in 2019, there is one that truly sticks out: the Carona Immagina open air photography show in Ticino...
January 18, 2020/by Samuel Miller
Instagramable Places in Nyon - Castle

Here are the six most Instagramable places in Nyon

You have probably heard of Lausanne and Geneva. But are you…
January 14, 2020/by Louisa Schaad
Sukkulentensammlung Zürich

Top 13 free things to do in Zürich in winter

Zürich and "free" do not exactly go hand in hand. But if you look closely and are flexible, there are plenty of free things to do in Zürich...
January 10, 2020/by Dimitri Burkhard
Campo Cortoi - Volunteering in Ticino, Switzerland

Why Campo Cortoi made me want to volunteer in Switzerland

Campo Cortoi is a small alpine village located in the Verzasca valley. Here is what it's like to volunteer in Switzerland by donating one's time...
January 8, 2020/by Rex Moribe
Nebelmeer at Hasenstrick - Sea of Fog aboove Switzerland

Much of Switzerland is covered by a thick layer of fog

Are you still below or are you already above? As the first decade of the millennium turns to a close, much of Switzerland is covered...
December 31, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Teuscher Champagne Truffles

Why Teuscher Champagne truffles are otherworldly

The highlight of the Teuscher Champagne truffles is the Dom Pérignon Champagne center. It's made of buttercream enriched by Champagne...
December 26, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Roger Federer 2012

Roger that! Here’s how Roger Federer embodies Switzerland’s values

From quality to hard work and wealth, Switzerland's greatest sporting icon embodies the very essence of the country he represents...
December 20, 2019/by Lisa Rowlands
Skiing in Samnaun, Switzerland

Three fantastic reasons for the Samnaun ski resort

The fact that this caught your attention tells me that you are yearning for a break. A tacky festival, ski slopes and shopping opps...
December 14, 2019/by Cloudia Chen
Lake Blausee in Switzerland during winter

See why Lake Blausee is stunning during all seasons

In this country of 1500 lakes, it's near impossible to pick a single favorite. But with its turquoise colors, Lake Blausee might just win your heart.
December 11, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Elysium Concept Restaurant at EHL Passugg

What it’s like to eat at the Elysium concept restaurant

I have an appetite for a new dining experience, and the Elysium concept restaurant is promising just that: a meal that will tickle my senses...
December 7, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
EHL Passugg Campus - Students in Kitchen

Live from Switzerland: the future of luxury hospitality

Within the next decade, tourism will be growing faster than the rest of the economy. With its long tradition in service excellence, Switzerland is...
December 4, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Roger Federer Coin 2020

The 2020 Roger Federer coin: here’s all you need to know

Few would disagree that Roger Federer is greater than life - not even the Swiss government. They have just announced the 2020 Roger Federer coin...
December 3, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
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