TEAL Project - Socks on Kickstarter

TEAL Project wants to clean the oceans by producing socks

300 million tons of plastic are produced every year. About 5 percent of it ends up in the world’s oceans. The Zurich based TEAL Project...
November 14, 2019/by Christian
Alpabzug Alpine Cow Parade in Flims

Why you need to see an alpine cow parade once in your life

In the beginning of autumn, a beautiful living tradition takes place all over Switzerland: Alpabzug, the alpine descent of cows and cattle...
November 11, 2019/by Olga Shulga
Swiss Pension System for Expats

The Swiss pension system: here’s how it works for expats

The benefits of contributing to the Swiss social security system are not only during old age. Learn how you could save on taxes today…
November 9, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Emmentaler AOP URTYP Cheese

Cheese lovers, have you tried the new Emmentaler AOP URTYP?

As you take that first bite, it hits you that this must be an Emmentaler. But as you slowly chew and the aroma unfolds, you realize that it has...
November 7, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
How to Save on Health Insurance in Switzerland

How to save money on health insurance in Switzerland

Coinciding with the annual deadline for switching health insurance providers, here are three ways to save money on health insurance in Switzerland.
November 6, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Bellinzona Castle Photo Spot

Instagram spots in Ticino: here’s our shortlist of the best!

Stone villages, glittering lakes and Southern charm: need I say more? We have put together this shortlist of the best Instagram spots in Ticino...
November 4, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Verkehrshaus Lucerne

5 reasons why the Verkehrshaus in Lucerne is so entertaining (Sponsored)

Welcome to Lucerne's top destination, Verkehrshaus! With a cutting-edge planetarium, an XXL movie theater and the unique...
November 1, 2019/by Mamiko
Paradise War - The Story of Bruno Manser

Paradise War: my review of the 2019 movie about Bruno Manser

Nearly two decades after his mysterious disappearance, Bruno Manser's story hits the big screen. Paradise War is an epic adventure...
October 31, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Swiss Alps 100 Endurance Race in Valais (2019)

The Swiss Alps 100 endurance race is pure alpine magic

I'm just back from a week in Goms, the valley that runs from Brig to the base of the Furka Pass in the Valais. I helped organize the Swiss Alps 100...
October 28, 2019/by Christian
Original Tetris Challenge Picture - Kapo Zürich

The Tetris Challenge that started in Zürich and went viral

Recently, cop cars, rescue helicopters, fire engines and even military tanks have been cleared of their contents. The Tetris Challenge was born.
October 26, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Chinese Restaurants in Zurich, Switzerland

Chinese Restaurants in Zürich: Our ultimate foodie guide

Chinese food lovers will understand, but when you gotta have it, you just gotta have it! Here are our recommended Chinese restaurants in Zürich...
October 23, 2019/by Dimitri Burkhard
Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland

Why you should visit the Croix Duplex winery near Lausanne

Is there a better way to clear one's head than a wine tasting? A brief ride from Lausanne in the heart of Lavaux is Domaine Croix Duplex...
October 20, 2019/by Samuel Miller
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