In this category, you will find all kinds of cool facts about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to a quiz about Switzerland or simply random facts about Switzerland, it’s all right here! For instance, did you know that Switzerland has 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites? Or that Zürich has more than 1200 public water fountains?

The Expert Guide to your Life in Switzerland

I wrote a chapter for The Expert Guide to Your Life in Switzerland

What's the best seat on the Bernina Express? The Expert Guide to Your Life in Switzerland is the ultimate companion book, and I had the privilege to write the "travel" chapter.
Swiss Flag Tossing Competition - Jodlerfest Lachen

17 interesting facts about the Swiss flag

Let's "square" away the most interesting fact about the Swiss flag: it's the only national flag that's square instead of rectangular!
Zürich Postcard Holder

11 fascinating facts about Zürich, Switzerland

Since Zürich is Switzerland's biggest town, many assume it's also the country's capital. Here are some fascinating facts about Zürich that *are* correct.
Rehberger Trail in Basel

Outdoor art in Switzerland for your "must see" list

Sometimes, outdoor art is so well embedded in the urban landscape that we do not perceive it as art anymore. In Switzerland, outdoor art calls for...
Swiss License Plate - ZH 1000

21 fresh and intriguing facts about Switzerland

Our statistics show that blog posts listing interesting facts about Switzerland are among the most popular. From geography to airline sickness bags...
Roger Federer 2012

Roger that! Here's how Roger Federer embodies Switzerland’s values

From quality to hard work and wealth, Switzerland's greatest sporting icon embodies the very essence of the country he represents...
Fête des Vignerons in Vevey, Switzerland (2019)

Impressive statistics about the Fête des Vignerons 2019

The curtain has fallen on the Fête des Vignerons. It'll be up to the next generation of wine growers to keep the tradition alive.
Zuger Kirschtorte

13 facts about Switzerland and its celebrity connections

From Audrey Hepburn to César Ritz, many famous names have left a mark on Switzerland. Here are some curious and intriguing facts...
KUFA Kreisel - Turntable Roundabout in Lyss, Switzerland

This roundabout in Switzerland is a vinyl turntable

Switzerland's flag may be square, but its streets are dotted by roundabouts. The world's only turntable roundabout is an eye-catcher...