EcoChair Basel Upcycled Chairs

We like ecoChair, an upcycling start-up in Basel

From forestry conservation to creating an easier way for people to buy quality second hand furniture. Meet Kate Bottriell, the founder of ecoChair...
Alp Spektakel Prättigau

The Alp Spektakel in Prättigau is 100% living history

As our global digital village continues to get smaller and tighter, it is nice to get out and visit the real world. At the Alp Spektakel in Prättigau...
Benci Brothers in Zurich

Zürich shopping tips by James, a hipster-at-heart banker

As a banker and hipster-at-heart, I enjoy mixing looks. It's not always easy to find the right shops, but here are my recommendations for in Zürich...
Dolder Ice Skating Rink

A listing of ice skating rinks in and around Zürich

The last time Lake Zürich was frozen over was in February of 1963. But it doesn't take such a monumental event in order to ice skate in Zürich...
Muse Lin - Aquspi Creation

Muse Lin on what it's like to be a maker in Switzerland

Upon arriving in Basel, Muse wanted to find just the right idea for a Swiss souvenir that would catch on. Today, she is the proud owner of...
Swiss Air Lines Roundabout Kloten

Here are 25 unmistakable signs that you are turning Swiss

Some come to Switzerland for an au pair year. Others have an expat contract for several years. Whatever the duration, everyone has a breaking point...
Festival da Jazz - Muottas Muragl

4 reasons to put the Festival da Jazz on your schedule

The first things that comes to mind when hearing St. Moritz are high society events and expensive hotels. But the hidden gem is the Festival da Jazz...
Swiss Passport

This Swiss citizenship interview is questionable, no? (Editorial)

Recently, the case of a 25 year old has surfaced in the media. Despite having spent her entire life in Switzerland, having attended the Swiss...
Swiss National Jodlerfest 2017

We heard a lot of yodeling at the Swiss National Jodlerfest

The European Song Contest takes place every year, the Olympics and the World Cup every four years. But for some reason, the Swiss like to celebrate events every three...