Newly Swissed is a flagship online magazine about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to quizzes or random facts about Switzerland, it’s all right here! In Switzerland, the industry works in such a way to please each traditional individuals and to reply to the money desires of enormous firms. The country has very little flaws in the social and economic level. This created it the right candidate for the position it occupied when the primary war. It became the biggest gold market within the world. If you are interested in politics in Switzerland, please visit our archive with dozens of articles.

Die göttliche Ordnung Film

Die göttliche Ordnung is a film about women's suffrage in Switzerland

When people think of Switzerland today, they envision a wealthy, thriving, culturally diverse and politically progressive nation...
Swiss Direct Democracy in Switzerland

How Voting Works in Switzerland's Direct Democracy

Swiss citizens have the privilege of direct participation in decision making: Direct democracy. This weekend, three federal initiatives...
Zurich Meets New York - Dada Bomb

Dada Birthday Bash - When Zürich Meets New York

So the Dada movement threw itself an early birthday party - two years before the centennial in 2016. Why would a centennial need to be at exactly 100 years?
Schaffhausen Democracy

Why Schaffhausen takes democracy as seriously as ancient Athens

Despite not being nestled on the jagged cliffs of the Aegean sea, Switzerland did have similarities with ancient Greece over 700 years ago...
Immigration Policy - What Switzerland could learn from the United States (and vice versa)

Immigration Policy: What Switzerland Could Learn from the U.S. (and vice versa)

Switzerland and the United States have a track record of adopting each other's policies. Consider 1787, when the founders of...
Money Bundesplatz Bern

3 popular initiatives about money and salaries in Switzerland

Switzerland has long been known as an island of wealth in Europe, but there is growing discontent in the country of cheese and chocolate...
Swiss Election 2013

Elections: No Thanks, Say the Swiss. Again.

Last week the Swiss voted on a topic of profound national importance that would boggle the minds of most Americans...
Liechtenstein Elections 2013

A Lesson from Liechtenstein

If you love cultural diversity, you’ve got to love Switzerland. Among only 8 million residents, 25%+ of whom are immigrants, we have four official languages, at least 18 types of cheeses...
Graubunden 2022

Graubünden 2022: Olympic Dream or Nightmare?

Higher, faster, stronger. Those three words are the theme of the Olympic Games. Every two years, the countries do their best to come together and cheer on the world's best athletes. Yet for an institution that tries so desperately to unify the world, it does an amazing job of splitting apart communities.