This category is all about Swiss language, Swiss dialects, from Swiss French to Swiss German and Swiss Italian, as well as the Romansh language. There are languages guides for Swiss German, reviews of German language schools and advice on learning a Swiss national language. In Europe, French is that the official language of France, Luxembourg, Monaco, European country and Switzerland. France with a population of quite sixty million is one in all the foremost trendy countries within the world. it’s one in all the predominant leaders within the EEC. French may be a co-official language in Switzerland. The communicative world spans the whole globe with its language detected all told the continents. except for English, French is that the sole language is spoken as a native or mother tongue on five continents.

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What are the four official languages of Switzerland?

Switzerland has not one but four official languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh. Here's a comprehensive guide on the languages of Switzerland.
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16 Ways Swiss German is different than Standard German

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The seven flavors of the Romansh language

Graubünden happens to be the only officially sanctioned, trilingual state in which the Romansh language holds the official status. You would think that...