Hotel Villa Orselina, Ticino

Our stay at Hotel Villa Orselina was 100 percent pure bliss

Many ways lead to the five star Hotel Villa Orselina. It is majestically located in the town of Orselina, high above the roofs of Locarno. On this warm...
Limmathof Baden Hotel & Private Spa

At the Limmathof Baden Hotel, do as the Romans used to do

You might think that the Swiss are as square as their flag. Think again. When we spent a weekend at the Limmathof Baden hotel, we realized that...
Park Weggis Hotel

The Park Weggis Hotel is Lake Lucerne’s real jewel

Living in Switzerland is like being in a constant state of Nirvana. Every road seems to lead straight to paradise. At the Park Weggis Hotel, I had...
Lenkerhof Hotel Spa in Lenk

The sulfur springs of Lenk made us younger - and hungrier!

Skinny dipping in hot springs is a heavenly moment for many Japanese, especially for those living abroad. At the Lenkerhof Gourmet Spa Resort...
Zurich Bahnhofstrasse

5 tips for a classy city break in Zürich

If I had to describe Zürich in three words, it would be wealthy, vibrant and classy. On our recent city break in Zürich, we experienced everything...
Hotel Im Spycher

Im Spycher is a 306-year-old design gem on Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne has long attracted famous writers, composers, artists and politicians. Neatly perched above the lake is the getaway house Im Spycher...
Schaffhausen Old Town

This was not our last weekend getaway to Schaffhausen

Architecture, food, nature and charm: Name a town that has it all! Any season is the perfect time for a weekend getaway to Schaffhausen...
Hotel Palafitte Neuchâtel

Modern elegance and tranquility at Hotel Palafitte on Lake Neuchâtel

I woke up early, as I usually do, and stepped out onto the balcony in time to see the sun rising over the horizon. Built in 2002, the Hotel Palafitte...

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Art Deco Hotel Luzern

5 Hotels for a Weekend Getaway in Switzerland (Sponsored Post)

Now that has launched their Swiss website, we would like to bring you some true hotel gems for a weekend getaway in Switzerland...