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11 Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin

Leupin - Pelikan
Herbert Leupin (1916-1999), one of the greatest and most prolific Swiss poster artists, studied in Basel and in the Paris school of Art Deco poster artist Paul Colin.

After his return to Switzerland in 1937, he started working as a graphic artist. At first, his work was hyperrealistic and influenced by Object Poster aesthetics. During the fifties, his most productive years, he developed a more humorous and whimsical personal style.

Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin

Leupin's cheerful and brightly colored posters had a stunning visual impact, and the new approach became enormously successful in commercial art.

This advertising genius can be compared to Leonetto Cappiello in his ability to express the essence of a product through visual metaphors, although his images also possess a gentle childlike appeal, lacking in Cappiello's work.

Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin

Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin

Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin

Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin

(Guest post by The Animaliuarium, pictures copyright by International Poster Gallery)

Which drawing is your favorite?

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