77 Facts about Switzerland (e-Book)

77 facts and statistics about Switzerland

There's facts covering everything from hiking paths to surprising laws!

8 chapters, from food to law and justice

Our favorite chapter is "What Switzerland has given the world" with facts about Swiss inventions.

20 all new trivia questions about Switzerland

Each chapter starts with some trivia questions. (Answers follow at the end of the chapter.)

"Dropping some interesting facts about Switzerland is often a good ice breaker at social events. This e-book is full of knowledge that even many Swiss are clueless about!"

DimitriAuthor and founder of the Newly Swissed Online Magazine

77 Facts about Switzerland - e-book from Newly Swissed

Thanks to our latest e-book, you’ll learn Swiss facts about:

  • hiking paths and cable cars;
  • surprising laws;
  • and the biggest, tallest and fastest Swiss records!

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