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Swiss "Green" Car of the Future

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Traveling Swiss Style

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5 Cool Swiss Ad Campaigns

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The Informant Matt Damon Zurich

5 Blockbuster Movies Filmed in Switzerland

Contrary to popular belief, the hills are not alive in Switzerland. What is alive is this fine selection of Hollywood blockbusters which were partly filmed in Switzerland...

You Know You're Swiss If... (Part 1)

Then: Wondered why we kept missing trains by one minute. Now: Wonder what’s wrong when the train is late by one minute.
Happiest Swiss Cow

Here are 11 Swiss "laws" that are weird and wacky

The Swiss may be a peculiar people when it comes to imposing bureaucracy in order to fix trivial things...
Swiss Food Flag Sydney

We love the Swiss flag for the Sydney Int. Food Festival

Everything is correct about this Swiss flag, except that it should be in a square shape. Would you agree? As part of their campaign...

Ski Lift Nostalgia

Having recently spent a day skiing in the Swiss Alps, it occurred to me how drastically technology has changed since my childhood. Most traditional ski lifts have now been replaced by high-speed...