Felice Varini

9 Incredible Optical Illusions Found in Switzerland

Switzerland’s beauty is certainly no illusion. But I bet you did not know that this country boasts some of the coolest optical illusions you have ever seen...
You know you're Swiss if

You Know You’re Swiss If… (Part 2)

We thought it would be a good time to reflect on our first year back in Switzerland. Here are signs that you know you're Swiss...

Horizonville, Switzerland

These days, we cannot get enough of Horizonville, Switzerland. This enclave in the Rhone Valley is located amidst popular sights but remains hidden from the view of tourists...
Bizarre Swiss Festivals

Bizarre Festivals of Switzerland

There is no doubt that these festivals pass as completely normal for 99% of Swiss. However, they may seem totally bizarre to you...

Alternative Street Parade in Appenzell

While Zurich was pulsating to techno beats, we decided to escape…

Don't Get Caught Speeding in Switzerland!

(Photograph copyright Kapo Freiburg)In 2010, a then 37 year…
Umlaute in Zürich - Swiss Typography

Swiss Typography - 15 Umlauts Spotted in Zürich

Swiss typography has a curiosity which has always fascinated me: Umlaute. The two dots above vowels a, o and u indicate a different pronunciation...

How to Have Fun on Mt. Stanserhorn

Another weekend, another "2 for 1" trip courtesy of Migros and…

Swiss Alps by Tata Vislevskaya

I have recently come across these beautiful photographs of Russian…