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Vintage photographs of Switzerland during the 1940's

At the brink of World War II, a series of photographs of Switzerland was archived in an album. It's a journey back in time to Switzerland in the 1940's.
Congress Hall in Biel, Switzerland

Top 6 Phobia Spots in Switzerland

If you have any kind of phobia, you might not want to look at these pictures! Too late? Well, you could always claim that they must be photoshopped and can't possibly be real...
Plastic Kitsch Switzerland - Pink Flamingo

Plastic Kitsch - An Apology on Behalf of Switzerland

The year is 1922. Hermann Staudinger, a chemistry professor in Zürich, makes an impactful discovery related to the makeup of plastic polymers...

Zurich Taxicab Fiasco

If you have ever waited outside Zurich's main station, you would…
Barry Callebaut - Chocolate Porsche

Here are 11 truly unusual things made of chocolate

The Swiss hold a record for the highest per capita consumption of chocolate at 12.4 kg! Here are most unusual things made out of chocolate, such as...
Swiss Goat Cheese For Sale

20 brand new surprising facts about Switzerland

I spent my entire childhood and teenage years in Switzerland, and I thought that I knew this place pretty well. Some surprising facts about Switzerland...

Gold Vending Machines Really Exist

Ok, I have to confess that this post is somewhat of a cheat.…

Roger Federer replaces Clooney at Nescafé

According to a statement from his agency obtained by Newly Swissed, George…

Retire Today! (In the Swiss Alps)

Here is an interesting proposal which I recently read about.…