Newly Swissed is a flagship online magazine about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to quizzes or random facts about Switzerland, it’s all right here! Switzerland is understood for various items: its cold climate, mountainous topography and its political neutrality, that is presumably brought on by its geographic seclusion and being one in all the highest mountainous countries in Europe. If you are interested in everyday life in Switzerland, please visit our archive with dozens of articles

Nebelmeer at Hasenstrick - Sea of Fog aboove Switzerland

Much of Switzerland is covered by a thick layer of fog

Are you still below or are you already above? As the first decade of the millennium turns to a close, much of Switzerland is covered...
EHL Passugg Campus - Students in Kitchen

Live from Switzerland: the future of luxury hospitality

Within the next decade, tourism will be growing faster than the rest of the economy. With its long tradition in service excellence, Switzerland is...
Jazznojazz - Shabaka HutchinsLuc Benyon

My personal highlights from Jazznojazz 2019 in Zürich

There is a party atmosphere in Stall 6 on this cold autumn night: the Brand New Heavies are in town for the annual Jazznojazz Festival...
Luzern River Reuss

Some tips on how to enjoy Luzern like a Luzerner

The subject of countless photographs, Luzern is in an odd predicament: it is not just a tourist site, but a functional place full of local pleasures.
TEAL Project - Socks on Kickstarter

TEAL Project wants to clean the oceans by producing socks

300 million tons of plastic are produced every year. About 5 percent of it ends up in the world’s oceans. The Zurich based TEAL Project...
Alpabzug Alpine Cow Parade in FlimsCloudia Chan

Why you need to see an alpine cow parade once in your life

In the beginning of autumn, a beautiful living tradition takes place all over Switzerland: Alpabzug, the alpine descent of cows and cattle...
Swiss Pension System for Expats

The Swiss pension system: here's how it works for expats

The benefits of contributing to the Swiss social security system are not only during old age. Learn how you could save on taxes today…
How to Save on Health Insurance in Switzerland

How to save money on health insurance in Switzerland

Coinciding with the annual deadline for switching health insurance providers, here are three ways to save money on health insurance in Switzerland.
Swiss Alps 100 Endurance Race in Valais (2019)Sportograf

The Swiss Alps 100 endurance race is pure alpine magic

I'm just back from a week in Goms, the valley that runs from Brig to the base of the Furka Pass in the Valais. I helped organize the Swiss Alps 100...