This category is all about Swiss language, Swiss dialects, from Swiss French to Swiss German and Swiss Italian, as well as the Romansh language. There are languages guides for Swiss German, reviews of German language schools and advice on learning a Swiss national language. In Europe, French is that the official language of France, Luxembourg, Monaco, European country and Switzerland. France with a population of quite sixty million is one in all the foremost trendy countries within the world. it’s one in all the predominant leaders within the EEC. French may be a co-official language in Switzerland. The communicative world spans the whole globe with its language detected all told the continents. except for English, French is that the sole language is spoken as a native or mother tongue on five continents.

The Long Goodbye Roestigraben

The Long Goodbye

Today, a Swiss company sent me a letter that was just 5 sentences long, plus the closing. In my former home...
Liricas Analas

Demystifying Romansh, Switzerland's fourth language

In Switzerland’s mountainous East, roughly 62’000 people speak Romansh. By comparison, this segment equals only 0.9 percent of the Swiss population...
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Our Interview with World Radio Switzerland

World Radio Switzerland caters to the English speaking population in Switzerland, as well as to the Swiss Abroad community. WRS is a government funded service to the public, and it is about...
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Q&A with Helene Roth - Founder of Roth Language Atelier

I have been taking German lessons for just over a year now and at the risk of sounding annoying, I am rather pleased with the progress I have made. I asked my instructor to share some of her opinions on teaching High German in Switzerland, where Schwiizertüütsch reigns (about 60% of) the land.

Swinglish 102 - Advanced Swiss English

Hello together! Welcome back to Swinglish University! I am…
Mondaine Station Clock Sunset

Telling time in Switzerland: how not to miss those trains

I come from a place where "the train arrives at 1:15 PM" means that you can expect the arrival between 1:10 and 1:20 PM. But in Switzerland, all is...
Top 3 German Language Schools in Zurich

Top 3 German Language Schools in Zurich

While researching German language schools in Zurich, we realized that there are different approaches and models, resulting in various quality levels...
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Swinglish 101 - The Swiss Say the Darnest Things

"May I use your handy?" If you have lived in Switzerland long enough, you will have undoubtedly come across this question... It is a perfect example of a Swiss anglicism, or short: Swinglish"!