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Davos – Where Dollars and Bills Hang Out

There has been a lot of flight traffic in the skies of Switzerland lately. At first, I thought there was a jailbreak and the cops are looking for the robbers.

Then, I remembered that I am in Switzerland and that it is World Economic Forum season.

In a way, my initial idea was not too far off. After all, some of the elites shuttling between Zürich and Davos on private planes have taken a part in the global economic downturn... And no amount of giant toilet paper will help to restore balance in the global economic system, either!

While the Bills and other billionaires in Davos are toasting to Dom Pérignon, common Swiss people are grappling with reality as the latest edition of Das Lohnbuch 2010 has been released. This book lists average salaries for various trades and professions in Switzerland.

It feels unfair that bakers gross more than butchers, but it does not surprise that private pilots are among the highest earners. After all, they are the ones shuttling billionaires back and forth between Zürich and Davos!

(via Gawker and English Forum)

Dimitri Burkhard

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  • One of the particularities of this Forum is that all the hotel availability of the city is taken by the company organizing it, so no rooms are bookable for individuals of travel agencies but for the specific one determined by the management of the event.

Dimitri Burkhard


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