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Every Second Counts at the Live Escape Game in Zürich

Live Escape Game in Zurich

We are trapped in a movie theater - in the dark! We have 59 minutes and 59 seconds to beat this live escape game! Go!

This was the scenario when we tried out the latest entertainment choice in Zürich. In fact, the movie theater was a room in an apartment in Zürich, and we were playing the Live Escape Game!

Real-Life Escape Game

Most of us watch adventure movies or play online games. The "live escape" concept is a real-life, hands-on version of that. There is no joystick or "pause" button to help you deal with the situation. You are left with a ticking clock and a sudden surge of survivalist energy.

Your brain will automatically start to piece together clues. There is a surprise waiting at every corner, and no detail should be left unnoticed. You start to wonder whether numbers are there by accident, or whether they hide a code to unlock your next clue...

Live Escape Game in Zurich


No Sherlock Holmes Skills Required

True. You do not need experience in spying nor need you be a movie buff, but it helps to have some common sense. We tried the Cinemania movie theater track, which must have contained at least a couple dozen puzzles and riddles!

We quickly learned that finding a way out would require teamwork and communication. Decoding all these clues and opening the many locks could never be done single-handed...

Some of the puzzles were quite challenging and required analytical skills, attention to detail, imagination - or all of the above! Yet other challenges were more technical and required an investigative sense. Sometimes, we simply missed a clue or did not look closely enough. But in the end, every single padlock had been unlocked, every drawer opened, and every...

Well, we wouldn't want to give it away!

Team Newly Swissed did not quite make it out in time, but we made it nonetheless... It was a very gratifying and fun experience, and it is almost *time* to tackle the second room - no pun intended!

Live Escape Game in Zurich


More Information

- Book your own session at Live Escape Game (available in German/English)
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- Review on Tripadvisor

Live Escape Game in Zurich

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  • Live escape game is not just a game. It is more than this. it is fun, action and something special. it boost the team spirit and your own creativity. I like the game, but the live game is amazing! the live escape team done a great conversion!

Dimitri Burkhard

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