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Litter! What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

It would barely be a stretch to claim that Switzerland has an image of absurd cleanliness.

Freeways are so smooth and clean that one might want to put down a blanket and have a picnic. And fountain water in the cities is so clear that it does not need a fancy brand to be desirable. Seriously!

On the flipside, Swiss cities are finding that litter is increasingly eating up their maintenance budgets. On a normal weekend and despite plenty of waste bins, garbage tends to magically accumulate on sidewalks and train platforms.

I can attest that empty beer bottles, candy wrappers and cigarette butts normally pave the way home after a night out...

Luzern Litter

When it comes to fighting litter, the city of Luzern has recently lauched a very innovative campaign: "Respect My Work!"

While fines are already being imposed for different kinds of littering, see for yourself how they are trying to prevent littering in the first place:

Luzern Litter

Luzern Litter

Luzern Litter

Luzern Litter

Luzern Litter

(Pictures courtesy of Clockworx)

Question: Do you think this interactive campaign will help Lucerne reduce litter?

Dimitri Burkhard

As the founder, editor, and community manager of Newly Swissed, Dimitri owns the strategic vision. He is passionate about storytelling and is a member of Swiss Travel Communicators.

Dimitri loves discovering new trends and covers architecture, design, start-ups and tourism.


  • Oops, you tricked me. I posted to FB instead of here. Anyway, whoever came up with this deserves a bonus. Can’t wait to visit Luzern just so I can throw away some trash!

Dimitri Burkhard

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