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Indoor Skiing Interlaken

7 weird things found in Switzerland

While entirely subjective, texting cows and indoor skiing are "weird" where I come from...
Geneva Switzerland by Bill

Geneva, can we just be friends?

Geneva, please believe me when I say that it’s not you, it’s me. I know you’re an interesting city...

The 7 Stages of Becoming Swiss - Reloaded

Based on the Kübler-Ross model of grief, I am sure that many of you have gone through these emotional swings...

When you Really Live in Zürich...

Just recently, this ingenious Tumblr blog called When you really live in Zürich popped up on our radar. This growing collection of...
Zurich Bike Thru Cafe

Zürich's Bike Thru Café

Most people are familiar with drive-ins and drive-thrus for cars – but for your bike? Well, Zürich City Public Works thought that it was about time...
Rivella milk Advertising Campaign

Everything you need to know about Rivella milk

It is said that you will either love Rivella or hate it. Either way, this soda pop has a long history in Switzerland and is one of the most frequently missed beverages...
Flying Cars in Switzerland

In Switzerland, where Cars Can Fly

The dream of flying cars will never die. Fascinated by the idea is French photographer Renaud Marion, who created a series of photos entitled “Air Drive”...
Swiss Air Show over the Axalp in the Bernese Oberland

33 more signs that you’re becoming Swiss

There comes a point in life when one wonders: “Who am I?” The answer to this loaded question is going to be very straightforward: You are becoming Swiss!
Eternal Light in Naefels Church, Switzerland

Court Releases Man from 655-year Church Debt

The cantonal court of Glarus in eastern Switzerland has released a farmer from the obligation, dating back 655 years, to finance an “eternal lamp” in the Roman Catholic church in Näfels village...

Coolest Vehicles Spotted on the Streets of Zürich

Whether during the day or at night, a stroll through Zürich will inadvertently reveal some cool cars, sweet rides and simply odd vehicles...
Switzerland New Olympic Disciplines

Disappointed Swiss Olympic Committee Requests New Sports

The Swiss are not happy with their Olympic performance in the summer games. The team expected as many as seven medals, but received only four...
Swiss horse e-carriage in Avenches, Vadois

Swiss Garbage Carriage from the Future

The Swiss town of Avenches strongly believes in the merits of horse power and has launched an innovative "e-carriage" prototype...