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How foreign investors can own apartments in Davos (Advertorial)

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In Davos, foreign investors can grab a piece of real estate. Discover the rock-star benefits of owning serviced apartments in Davos. This overview covers upfront costs and lifelong perks, including a jammin’ return on investment…

Davos: to those who have ever visited, the mere sound of it brings up memories of snow-capped mountains, endless ski slopes, and scenic hiking paths.

Newcomers are in for a treat when they first visit this resort town in Eastern Switzerland. Within easy reach from Zurich, Davos offers a shortcut to outdoor adventures and indoor indulgences. Undoubtedly, off the ski slopes, we’ve formed some of the most unexpected memories at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The hotel and its residences sit in the middle, just steps from the main street, the Davos Platz train station, and the Jakobshorn cable car. This prime property's history dates back to when Davos was the go-to place for rehab patients. Thanks to the generous sun exposure, people flock to the hotels with their south-facing balconies for recovery.

Today, one of those former rehab centers carries the Hard Rock Hotel label. And unlike in earlier times, this hotel comes with all of the cool privileges we are used to from this global brand. Be it the vibrant lobby, displays with memorabilia, the Rock Shop®, or the cozy spa with an indoor pool: the hotel amenities read like a rock star’s backstage rider.

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Where foreigners can own a piece of fame ⭐

What if I told you that anyone could buy into the picturesque location and variety of amenities? Even non-Swiss citizens who are otherwise exempt from owning property in Switzerland?

When buying a service apartment in Davos, there are a few things to consider. Let’s look at applicable Swiss laws for foreign-owned investments, upfront costs, owner benefits, and passive income opportunities.

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Lex Koller and Lex Weber: what sounds like the names of singer-songwriters is a set of regulations. These laws primarily aim to protect Switzerland’s real estate market. On the one hand, they restrict property acquisition by persons from abroad. And on the other hand, they prevent local builders from constructing unnecessary vacation homes by imposing caps.

Under the Lex Koller law, foreign individuals or companies must obtain permission from Swiss authorities before purchasing real estate in Switzerland.

With few exceptions, most internationals in the market for real estate have to go through the lengthy kollerization process with local Swiss authorities. Thankfully, the Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos offer a fast track for foreign nationals to own Swiss real estate. As such, there is no wasted time waiting for the approval to come in - it’s already there.

A mixtape of benefits 🎙️

Each of the 15 residences is individually designed by the acclaimed Woods Bagot architecture firm. The layouts range from one-bedroom suites to three-bedroom apartments. The interior decoration is kept timeless: modern with a Swiss touch. The purchase price includes full furnishing, so there is no need to worry about any procurement.

Residences at Hard Rock Hotel Davos

Spacious bathrooms, a modern kitchen, and a wide balcony with breathtaking views of the mountainscape turn each unit into a cozy and stylish retreat. A garage parking space is allocated to each unit for the duration of the stay.

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Since the residences are part of the four-star superior Hard Rock Hotel Davos, room service and housekeeping are a given. Owners enjoy access to the state-of-the-art spa with two saunas, an indoor pool, a gym, and a yoga studio. Make a note to sign up for the proprietary music massage that will send rockstar vibes up your spine!

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How “use and let” works in Switzerland 🇨🇭

At the Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos, owners can be their own band’s frontman or frontwoman! During up to eight weeks per year, they can check into their digs anytime they please - just like a rock star would. 

The only stipulation is that a maximum of three weeks is permitted during the high season. (High season generally runs from December 20 through the end of March, plus the week before Easter, including Easter Monday.)

And this is not necessarily a limitation but rather an opportunity for owners to amplify their Davos investment. Throughout the year, the Hard Rock Hotel Davos will rent out the residence to guests, thus generating passive income for the owner.

The living room inside the Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos
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With Davos being a popular vacation spot, many visitors are willing to pay top dollar to stay in one of these luxurious apartments. By renting out your apartment when you are not using it, you can potentially earn a significant amount of passive income. The annual investment return could be between 3% and 6%, depending on the financing.

Owning an apartment at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos is a solid investment opportunity. The hotel has a reputation for luxury and exclusivity, and apartments in the building tend to hold their value well over time.

Are you hooked already? 🤩

As you can tell, owning a serviced apartment in Davos can be a great investment for non-Swiss citizens. That’s both financially speaking, and in terms of the memories you'll create while enjoying this beautiful mountain town.

Davos is a fantastic vacation destination with stunning views, world-class skiing, cross-country skiing, downhill biking, and a wide range of other activities. From its prime location in the Swiss Alps to its numerous amenities and potential for rental income, there are many reasons why owning an apartment at the Hard Rock Hotel is a smart investment.

But of course, just like with any investment, it's important to research and understand the responsibilities of owning a serviced apartment. With space being an especially limited resource in the Alps, owning a serviced apartment could be a way to leave a mark on Switzerland’s Walk of Fame.

Additional resources about serviced apartments in Davos

Take a virtual tour of a Residence at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos and imagine yourself in it. And visit the official website for a list of residences for sale and contact information.

(This post is sponsored by Hard Rock Residences.)

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