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Beer Hiking Switzerland: a must for outdoorsy beer lovers

Beer Hiking Switzerland is a must-have book for any outdoorsy beer lovers.

Thanks to the author's own passion for beer and hiking, this beautiful companion contains a lifetime of experiences. The author thinks that hiking produces the best kind of thirst which can only be satisfied with a cold one.

Therefore, Monika Saxer chose the destinations of her hikes strategically. Whether they are a traditional Swiss restaurant, a local pub, or a microbrewery: as long as they serve a unique Swiss brew to quench a hiker's thirst, they will qualify...

Putting Beer Hiking Switzerland to the test

We have tried a couple of the hikes from the German version of Beer Hiking Switzerland, and we are hooked. Each hike is accessible by public transport. On a snapshot page, the book highlights the starting point and destination, the time required, and the brand of beer that is waiting as a reward.

One day, we decided to hike to the ZRH Airport. Up to this point, we only knew this place as airline passengers. But by hiking the well-marked paths at the airport, we ended up finding some truly unique sights. Who knew that there is a camel farm with live animals just a stone's throw from the runway?

Bierwandern Schweiz - Beer Hiking Switzerland Book by Monika Saxer

The panoramic beer hike from Zürich Rehalp to Meilen was another highlight. We hiked among green fields and cool forests, unbelievable mansions, and quaint farms. At the harbor in Meilen, the kiosk lady hooked us up with bottles of Goldküstenbräu - delivered as promised!

Bierwandern Schweiz - Beer Hiking Switzerland Book

The Beer Hiking Switzerland book will not only satisfy hikers and beer lovers but typography geeks as well. It is carefully illustrated with facts, figures, and detailed directions on each of the 59 hikes.

If you happen to be into beer, it is good to know that most of the hikes are accessible by public transportation. No need for a designated driver!

Bierwandern Schweiz - Beer Hiking Switzerland Book

Beer Hiking Switzerland

  • 59 hiking routes paired with rewarding Swiss craft beers
  • Authored by Monika Saxer, mountaineer and beer lover
  • Hardback, English, 276 pages

"The most refreshing way to discover Switzerland."

(Disclaimer: The publisher has provided a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.)

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Dimitri Burkhard

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