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Canon EOS 700D (Sponsored Video)

Canon EOS 700DThe new flagship camera in Canon’s lineup is geared towards ambitious amateur photographers. In other words: Us!

We are often out and about here at Newly Swissed. Whether it is hiking in the Alps, interviews with start-up founders or press conferences, a reliable, light-weight camera is a must. As lifestyle bloggers, the next big thing might be just around the corner, so we never leave the house without our camera.

Canon EOS 700DThe new Canon EOS 700D joins the family with a set of ever more desirable features: Shooting speeds at five frames per second, an incredibly sharp focus and a large LCD screen with touch functionality. For those who prefer old school picture taking through the viewfinder, the 700D will automagically turn off that touch sensitivity when the viewfinder is in use.

We are used to shooting without a flash, so the higher the ISO, the better. With an ISO range of up to 12’800, the Canon EOS 700D is suitable for low-light situations like concerts or parties.

Finally, we have made a pledge to incorporate more videos into our posts here on Newly Swissed. Compared to other similar cameras, the Canon EOS 700D handles video exceptionally well. Its special lenses come equipped with a noise-free, fast and smooth zooming function.

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Dimitri Burkhard

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