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Das Bern Wimmelbuch (Book)

Das Bern Wimmelbuch - vatter&vatterSomething is up in Bern, and it is furry with two cute ears! In Das Bern Wimmelbuch, 57 bears have escaped from the bear park in order to explore Switzerland’s capital! And it is up to your attentive eyes to find them…

Anyone who has ever been to Bern will recognize the scenes in front of the parliament building or the main station, the public bath along the Aare river, the Gurten park or the craze during carnival.

Das Bern Wimmelbuch - vatter&vatterOn colorful pages, illustrator Beatrice Kaufmann have created seven cartoon versions of Bern. The details range from two raccoons doing laundry (“Waschbären”) to a roasted chestnut stand (my favorite). And, of course, those hidden bears!

Das Bern Wimmelbuch - vatter&vatterHaving been to Bern many times, we think that “Das Bern Wimmelbuch” is one of the most charming search & find books out there. It will please any fan of Bern – whether young or old! Thanks to the sturdy cardboard pages, this will surely be a lasting gift.

Das Bern Wimmelbuch - vatter&vatterEvent tip: Through Dec 22, 2014, visit Restaurant veranda in Bern for a special exhibit on “Das Bern Wimmelbuch”. While sipping on a cappuccino, you can find out about the background and the different phases of this project.

Das Bern Wimmelbuch - vatter&vatter
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ISBN 978-3-033-04260-5
vatter&vatter, 14 pages, CHF 19.90

Das Bern Wimmelbuch - vatter&vatter

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