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Das um ein Haar geköpfte Matterhorn by Thomas Wyss (Book)

For his book "Das um ein Haar geköpfte Matterhorn," author Thomas Wyss has scrambled through the archives and libraries of Switzerland. He even went as far as blackmailing people! Thanks to his persistent research and inquisitive mind, Wyss has published a unique collection of stories that could technically be based on Swiss history.

Even Wilhelm Tell is making an appearance, which might explain the book's loosely translated disclaimer: "Not completely based on true facts."

As far as the title of this mockumentary, it definitively sets the tone for what is hidden beneath the cover: "The almost decapitated Matterhorn". All the anecdotes in this little gem of a book are truthful (or are they?), but most have been too secret for the public to know! At least until now...

Das um ein Haar geköpfte Matterhorn by Thomas Wyss

Das um ein Haar geköpfte Matterhorn by Thomas Wyss reads like a non-fiction book about historical events, but there is a sarcastic undertone throughout. How else can it be explained that Wyss stumbled upon a foiled attack on the most iconic mountain - by no other but a German?

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ISBN 978-3-03781-047-7
317 pages, German

Dimitri Burkhard

Dimitri Burkhard


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