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Der Stille lauschen – 89 Peaceful Islands in Lucerne (Book)

Der Stille lauschen - 89 Inseln der Ruhe im LuzernischenThere are many ways to break free from the rat race of everyday life: Anti stress seminars, meditation sessions in a monasteries, or simply rejuvenating walks through nature.

An archeologist by trade and a curator of the famed Rietberg Museum in Zürich, Judith Rickenbach has devised this beautiful travel guide for the canton of Lucerne.

Der-Stille-lauschen-03She highlights places like the chestnut forest in Weggis for their Southern tranquility, a forest pond in Sempach for its legend involving Winkelried, or a historic mill in the Fontannental for its beauty and cultural significance.

Der Stille lauschen - 89 Inseln der Ruhe im LuzernischenHer book is a companion which invites to reading along while exploring, and exploring while reading. It has inspired us to incorporate some of the places into our hikes this summer, such as the Wolfsschlucht on Sonnenberg, a miniature “Grand Canyon” which can be accessed from Kriens via a vintage ropeway.

“Der Stille lauschen – 89 Inseln der Ruhe im Luzernischen” transports readers to this and 88 other serene locations where time flows at a slower pace.

Der Stille lauschen - 89 Inseln der Ruhe im Luzernischen
Der Stille lauschen - 89 Inseln der Ruhe im Luzernischen

Order the book, CHF 49
Verlag kauf+lies, German, 360 pages
ISBN 978-3-9523448-2-8

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