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Die Wasserfälle der Schweiz (Book)

Wasserfälle der Schweiz - AT Verlag
This beautiful hardcover book deals with two natural features of Switzerland: Water and gravity. Also referred to as Europe’s water castle, Switzerland delivers a steady stream of fresh water to the European continent. In fact, six percent of Europe’s fresh water resources are tied up in the Swiss Alps. This is an astonishing amount, given that Switzerland’s land mass is only 0.4 percent that of Europe.

Inevitably, water combined with gravity creates waterfalls. In “Die Wasserfälle der Schweiz – Das grosse Wanderbuch”, Christian Schwick and Florian Spichtig have portrayed 120 of the most stunning waterfalls of Switzerland. After systematically documenting all the waterfalls of this country, they have selected the ones which are most worthwhile to explore.
Wasserfälle der Schweiz - AT Verlag
Wasserfälle der Schweiz - AT Verlag
Wasserfälle der Schweiz - AT Verlag
Wasserfälle der Schweiz - AT Verlag
Since the authors have studied each fall to great lengths (no pun intended), this book is rich with interesting stories and helpful hints for the planning of hikes.

The nuanced and poetic description of Ticino’s Maggia river, for instance, reveals the true passion of the authors. Having spent many childhood summers along this magnificent river with its smooth rocks and giant waterfalls, I felt compelled to go back again.
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AT Verlag, German, 141 pages
ISBN 978-3-03800-670-1

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