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Max Chocolatier at Globus Bellevue Zürich

Max ChocolatierIn Switzerland, we know a thing or two about chocolate. Someone who knows at least nine or ten things is Max Chocolatier in Lucerne.

Max Chocolatier, a chocolate atelier and boutique originally based in Lucerne, knows how to chocolate just a tad better and more beautifully than all the others: They combine their sweet expertise with only the finest natural and seasonal (fair trade) ingredients and create chocolate concoctions that let hearts melt, tastebuds summersault and happiness levels skyrock.

Max Chocolatier shows us how it is done – not only in Lucerne but now also at Globus Bellevue in Zurich.


Vintage Chocolate Teddy Bears

Max Chocolatier sells chocolate in all kinds of mouthwatering flavors and irresistible shapes. If you visit them in Zürich in the upcoming weeks, you will find vintage chocolate teddy bears (four words that are awesome on their own – but combined? Jackpot!).

Also, chocolate bars with golden snow and patisserie treats that let you forget time and space. Oh, and cookies, of course. Because you will spend so much time eating or buying chocolate, there will not be any time left for baking…

Max Chocolatier

Chocolicious Holiday Gifts

Since the holiday season is about to get into full swing, why not give a gift that makes you look like a superstar who just won Christmas? The lovely people at Max Chocolatier (a.k.a. your personal chocolate shoppers) will not only help you find the perfect chocolaty present, they will also carefully wrap it into customized and beautifully decorated boxes and even add a handwritten note.

I admit, it might be hard to part with such a gorgeous gift. But just keep telling yourself that giving is better than receiving. However, if you do receive a gift from Max Chocolatier, you know that you are someone special.

Isn’t that exactly how we all want to feel at Christmas (and beyond)?

Max Chocolatier


Giveaway for a box of pralines has ended.

Max Chocolatier GiveawayWe would love for you, you and you to try the delicious truffles!

But how about letting at least one of you eat through an entire box of 12 assorted truffles – valued at CHF 22.90?

Entries limited to Switzerland. Shipping included.

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Dimitri Burkhard

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