Postcard Set - Switzerland sportivDespite the vertical nature of much of Switzerland, Alpine tourism and mountain sports have only taken off in the second half of the 19th century.

Because only after the first explorers returned to Great Britain from conquering the Swiss Alps, the local Swiss started to embrace their mountains. Little by little, various winter sports became the bedrock of Switzerland’s outdoor culture. Curling, ice hockey, figure skating, bob sleds, luge, or skiing all take advantage of the abundant snow and ice.

Postcard Set - Switzerland sportivJust in time for the holidays, a little gem of a postcard collection has made its way onto the shelves. While there is another set focusing on tourism posters, this collection of 40 postcards focuses on Switzerland as a sports destination.

SPORTY SWITZERLAND makes for a perfect gift for that nostalgic friend, winter sports enthusiast or lover of retro postcards. In our case, the very first card to make its way out the door is pictured at the top: Skiing men in underwear…

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