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Swiss Fondue is the Big Cheese of recipe books

Swiss Fondue Cheese Fondue Recipe Book - Bergli Books

Swiss fondue is about more than dipping bread into melted cheese. It is a delicious shared experience for cold winter evenings.

Many Swiss keep stirring up a tried-and-true fondue recipe that has been handed down. There is nothing wrong with keeping a tradition alive; I also prepare my fondue based on how my dad does it.

When it comes to the cheese, I would argue that most Swiss buy pre-mixed bags of fondue at a grocery store. Others, myself included, swear on their local dairy’s house-blend. Overall, it would be safe to say that the Swiss are not a people to experiment with their national dish.

Swiss Fondue is a cheese bible featuring 52 recipes

Meet Jennifer and Arnaud Favre, two-time parents and passionate fondue lovers who simply like variety too much. “Why have the same bland blend over and over again?” they must have thought. So, instead of spinning in a figure 8 fashion, the two decided to expand their fondue horizon.

For the book Swiss Fondue, they invented 52 unique fondue recipes - one for each week of the year! The authors’ passion for melted cheese is evident in the creativity of those recipes. While studying the book, I must have added a Post-It on every other page...

From Indian curry to Moroccan cumin, some of these fondue recipes push the envelope of what I thought was possible. For me, adding goat and/or sheep cheese into the blend is a real eye-opener, too.

Each chapter in the Swiss Fondue book contains simple-to-prepare recipes along with mouthwatering photographs:

  • Originals
  • Fondues with beer, cider, champagne, liquors, and wine
  • Goat and sheep cheese fondues
  • Meat fondues
  • Fondues with spices and exotic flavors
  • Fondue pairings, such as vegetables

Some of the 52 cheese fondue recipes included:

  • Fondue with red wine from Valais
  • Goat cheese, honey, and walnut fondue
  • Spicy fondue with chorizo
  • Mexican-style fondue
  • Fondue with eggplant caviar

As you can tell, I share the same passion with the authors when it comes to cheese fondue. Some of the fondue intel in the first part of the book may be mind-opening even for aficionados. But I can assure most every cheese lover that they will have their mind blown courtesy of Swiss Fondue

Three reasons why I love the Swiss Fondue book:

  1. The first 28 pages are dedicated to fondue essentials, from choosing the right bread to advice on how to clean the pot.
  2. It’s the ideal book to quite literally spice up your fondue game. With 52 creative cheese fondue recipes (“Because a week without fondue is a wasted week!”), you are statistically bound to find a new favorite.
  3. The authors have legitimate street cred. Jennifer and Arnaud Favre are fondue gurus and founders of the popular Festival de Fondue in Valais.

This fondue bible makes for a great gift, but it’s a keepsake, too. With its red spine, it is sure to spread Swissness on your bookshelf.

Swiss Fondue Cheese Fondue Recipe Book - Bergli Books

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