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Swisscellany – Facts & Figures about Switzerland Book

Swisscellany: here is a book about Switzerland for fact lovers with a sense of humor.

What might be the tallest building in Switzerland? Which is the largest Swiss commune, the longest river, the highest point of each canton, or the best-selling record in Switzerland?

You get the point: Swisscellany – Facts & Figures about Switzerland answers all of those questions – and more. This publication by Diccon Bewes, author of popular Swiss Watching, is filled to the brim with Switzerland knowledge.

While the book covers countless serious facts about Switzerland, there are just as many entertaining pieces of information. For instance, a table with weird place names, a list of the most commonly lost items on Swiss trains, and more.

Swisscellany – Facts & Figures about Switzerland is the perfect gift for any facts and trivia lovers who are interested in Switzerland.

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Bergli Books, English, 192 pages
ISBN ‎ 978-3-90525-224-8

Dimitri Burkhard

Dimitri Burkhard

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