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Switzerland: a unique location for language

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The ability to speak a variety of languages acts as a lingual passport, allowing anybody to explore new countries and cultures.

Europe especially embodies a broad diversity of backgrounds with a myriad of languages spoken across the continent. Regardless of whether one is traveling to a new location for a short period of time, a prolonged stay or relocating entirely, becoming immersed in a new society is only truly possible when the local language is adopted.

One such nation which encompasses two of the most renowned languages of the world is Switzerland, with the need for both German and French due to the divide caused by the surrounding geography of Europe.

In this hectic, busy age we live in, and the demanding lives everyone maintains, it is not always possible to learn a new language prior to arrival – but thankfully there is help at hand. Whether you are looking to learn French in Switzerland or learn German in Switzerland, or perhaps even both, ESL can be a key part of your relocation to Switzerland.

When looking to assimilate into your new society, for instance, what better way than by learning a local song which is a staple of the community?

ESL offer a service which allows users to learn in excess of 20 languages abroad across over 250 locations.

With an extremely competitive guarantee on price (offering a refund of the price difference if a similar opportunity can be found at a lower rate), it is no surprise the company has been voted the Best European Agency for the fifth time at the ST awards.

Moreover, in recognition of the potentially life changing work they do, ESL have been awarded the Lifetime Award for the continued and consistently excellent service. If these accolades are not testament enough to ESL's ability to educate you in French or German, the sheer breadth of overwhelming customer feedback should leave you with no doubt on the quality of teaching.

Understandably, customers often wish to get first-hand experience with the company they are looking to use. ESL offer meet-ups across various countries in order for anyone to address any concerns or discover whether the content is suitable for their existing skill level. Simply book an appointment and receive a personalized quote which reflects the level of service any individual may need.

To say "travel expands the mind" has become somewhat cliché in recent years. However, when pairing the opportunity to learn a new language with a stay in a distant country, someone traveling through ESL can only return as a more enlightened individual.

Switzerland offers a unique linguistic experience

For many, they will have a predetermined location in mind which will obviously be reinforced by the language they go on to learn. In the case of Switzerland, however, this country offers a unique linguistic experience.

Located in the heart of the continent at the midpoint between Romanesque and Germanic Europe, Switzerland is perhaps one of the most unusual countries in the world because of the historic and geographical place it holds.

With breathtaking scenery throughout the vast majority of the landscape and an incredibly modern city-scapes comprised of global trade, Switzerland is a seamless blend of captivating nature and exhilarating society. The world-famous Alps are worth a trip to Switzerland on their own. And the chance to combine exploring the mountains with learning a new language is incredibly unique and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

No matter whether you are hoping to have a short- or long-term stay, ESL can offer the course to suit you. For many, education stops in their teenage years. But the desire to learn can last a lifetime, and the ability to speak French and German is an invaluable skill.

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